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Martha Hale

January 11th, 2014 | | Comments Off on Martha Hale

Martha Hale

For many years I hid behind my hand held over my mouth hiding a not so pretty smile.  I did not participate in many activities that I really wanted to be a part of because I was too self-conscious about my smile.  One day at one of my regular appointment days with my dentist for a check-up and cleaning I got up the nerve to ask what could be done.  Thinking it would be too involved for me to venture any further than an inquiry I went that step further.  My dentist, Dr. Mefford told me about what steps would be necessary to achieve those goals.  He was kind, thorough, and easily understood.  After thinking about it and returning to his office I decided to go with what he recommended.  It was a little involved to get everything done but well worth it.  I’ve never been more satisfied with that decision to go forward with the work and the results have been wonderful for me.  Wow, what a difference it has made in my life.  Just from that little bit of dental work and looking back it was done in such a short time, my life seemed to change in so many ways.  I wanted to go to the gym, go places where I had to really dress and show off my smile, lose weight, etc.  Don’t hesitate about any dental work that’s a little involved.  GO FOR IT!  It’s completely worth it.  I’ve often wondered why in heaven’s name did I wait so long to do this but then I wouldn’t have had Dr. Mefford to do the work.  Try him, I think you will like him.  You’ll never regret it.  Thank you Dr. Mefford.

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