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  • For many years I hid behind my hand held over my mouth hiding a not so pretty smile.  I did not participate in many activities that I really wanted to be a part of because I was too self-conscious about my smile.  One day at one of my regular appointment days with my dentist for a check-up and cleaning I got up the nerve to ask what could be done.  Thinking it would be too involved for me to venture any further than an inquiry I went that step further.  My dentist, Dr. Mefford told me about what steps would be necessary to achieve those goals.  He was kind, thorough, and easily understood.  After thinking about it and returning to his office I decided to go with what he recommended.  It was a little involved to get everything done but well worth it.  I’ve never been more satisfied with that decision to go forward with the work and the results have been wonderful for me.  Wow, what a difference it has made in my life.  Just from that little bit of dental work and looking back it was done in such a short time, my life seemed to change in so many ways.  I wanted to go to the gym, go places where I had to really dress and show off my smile, lose weight, etc.  Don’t hesitate about any dental work that’s a little involved.  GO FOR IT!  It’s completely worth it.  I’ve often wondered why in heaven’s name did I wait so long to do this but then I wouldn’t have had Dr. Mefford to do the work.  Try him, I think you will like him.  You’ll never regret it.  Thank you Dr. Mefford.

    Martha Hale

  • We want to thank you for always being there for us in times of emergencies…heaven knows we’ve had our share!  You and Lisa have always responded with compassion in accommodating our needs and for that we are most grateful.  From day one (10 years ago), Charlotte and Amber have provided a warm, friendly, and inviting atmosphere.  Holly and Laura are thorough, yet gentle during our cleanings and exams.  Your generosity and kindness, Dr. Mefford, are so very much appreciated.  We feel a special relationship with you and Lisa and want to thank you and everyone in your office for the professional and compassionate care that we receive.  After having moved from Wyoming to the Tri-City area 10 years ago, we were in search of ongoing dental care and were referred to the offices of Dr. Keith Ellis and Dr. Michael Mefford.  We were warmly greeted by the front office staff at our first appointment and at every visit since then.  The atmosphere in their office is friendly and inviting.  In times of emergencies, they have been responsive and accommodating.  Over these past 10 years, we have found Drs. Ellis and Mefford, as well as their entire staff, to be compassionate and gentle.  We consider ourselves fortunate that we are in the hands of caring and competent professionals.

    Arnald and Annelle Crandall

  • I have just completed a total reconstruction of all my teeth at the office of Drs. Ellis and Mefford. A number of years ago, I had most of the top teeth capped and 6 of the lower. This led to a terrible fear of dentists, since like most people, I associated pain with dentistry. This work done previously began to deteriorate and discolor and was affecting my smile; I felt I was probably facing dentures and dreading the pain involved. Then my daughter introduced me to Keith Ellis and all of my indecisions and fears were put to rest.
    I had been told that if this work ever had to be redone, it might be too much of a span to do and thus, the ultimate result would be dentures. Dr. Ellis studied my case intensely and has done the most magnificent job of not only making the work so perfect you could never tell there was capping involved, and the color – shading is beyond description. He also did some veneers on the bottom teeth that match so perfectly and make it all cosmetically a work of art. I laughingly told him since he did such a good job, I would need a face lift to match my perfect teeth. If my teeth had looked like this when I was ever so much younger, I would have broken the record for smiling.

    I have to add that the entire staff in Dr. Ellis’ office are so nice and caring and reassuring and all seem so blessed to even work here. There is an atmosphere that is welcoming and Dr. Ellis is the kindest professional I have ever met. His love of his profession and caring for his patients can only come from a fine Christian man who is never too busy to help and will be satisfied only with perfection. Oh yes, the entire procedure was totally painless. I have to say, “thank you” to Dr. Ellis and his entire staff for wonderful experience. You have truly “Enhanced My Smile.”

    Pat Blanchard

    Johnson City TN

  • When I was growing up I had a separation between my front teeth which, even though it was probably smaller than I imagined, (to me, as a teenager, looked like “The Grand Canyon”). I was unable to wear braces because I had a high predisposition to cavities due to fissures in my teeth. I would borrow friends’ rubber bands from their braces to try to close up the gap, but nothing worked.

    When Dr. Ellis proposed cosmetic dentistry, I was so excited! My “Grand Canyon” was going away! Even as old as I am now, it is amazing what a small thing can do to boost one’s self confidence. Dr. Ellis, where were you when I was growing up? I sure could have used you then!

    Judith C. Camak

    Financial Advisor

  • The first thing you notice when you meet someone is their smile. You can tell how a person feels just by the reaction of a simple smile. For years, I did not smile. My teeth did not look presentable. When I was six years old, I broke one of my front permanent teeth, and then at the age of sixteen, one of my horses threw his head back and broke another tooth. For some reason, the dentists I went to were not able to match my crowns to the color of my teeth. Ten years ago, I finally thought my worries were over after talking to another dentist. His suggestion was two new crowns and four veneers.

    Only four weeks after the procedure, my veneers fell off and I was once again left with teeth that were mismatched. My self esteem plummeted again.

    My search for the perfect dentist ended when I found Dr. Ellis. I cannot believe how beautiful my teeth are now! I actually smile for pictures, and I feel so much better about myself. Not only am I more self confident in my job and workplace, but in my line of work feeling good about yourself plays an integral part when working with the public.

    Aside from my “Hollywood Smile,” the thing I cannot believe about the procedure was that it was painless! I am so amazed how comfortable I was through the entire process. I cannot thank Dr. Ellis and his wonderful staff enough. My life is so different now, I’m confident and not afraid to smile.- Blessings and many thanks

    Robyn Porter

    Skin Care Consultant

  • Since I was a child, my teeth had been gapped, jagged and had white calcium spots. Later in life some of them were turning dark and even breaking. I chose to get veneers and now I’m learning to smile again. I’m very pleased with the outcome.

    Larry Edmisten

    Technical Advisor