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Robyn Porter

June 3rd, 2013 | | Comments Off on Robyn Porter

Robyn Porter

The first thing you notice when you meet someone is their smile. You can tell how a person feels just by the reaction of a simple smile. For years, I did not smile. My teeth did not look presentable. When I was six years old, I broke one of my front permanent teeth, and then at the age of sixteen, one of my horses threw his head back and broke another tooth. For some reason, the dentists I went to were not able to match my crowns to the color of my teeth. Ten years ago, I finally thought my worries were over after talking to another dentist. His suggestion was two new crowns and four veneers.

Only four weeks after the procedure, my veneers fell off and I was once again left with teeth that were mismatched. My self esteem plummeted again.

My search for the perfect dentist ended when I found Dr. Ellis. I cannot believe how beautiful my teeth are now! I actually smile for pictures, and I feel so much better about myself. Not only am I more self confident in my job and workplace, but in my line of work feeling good about yourself plays an integral part when working with the public.

Aside from my “Hollywood Smile,” the thing I cannot believe about the procedure was that it was painless! I am so amazed how comfortable I was through the entire process. I cannot thank Dr. Ellis and his wonderful staff enough. My life is so different now, I’m confident and not afraid to smile.- Blessings and many thanks

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